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Consumer Financing

Loan Shark or Fair Lender?

Tweet An individual that loans money to another person for an exorbitant fee is sometimes known as a “loan shark.” Unfortunately, the term is often misused to describe legal lenders

Business Services

Pay Up: How to Collect on Debt Owed

Tweet Money owed: how to recover what is due to you. As a small business operator, your business lives or dies based on your income including your receivables. As long

Consumer Tips

How to Kill Zombie Debt

Tweet Some debt never seems to die. Or at least no one has “told” that debt that it is long dead. From the tales of the undead comes zombie debt,

Consumer Tips

What You Need to Know About Debt Collector Tactics

Tweet If you owe a debt and have fallen behind on your payments, you may find that a debt collector has been enlisted in a bid to collect what is

Consumer Tips

7 Tips for Reducing Credit Card Debt This Year

Tweet More than five years have passed since the economy tanked and credit is once again easy to get and just as easy to abuse. What is not so easy

Consumer Tips

15 Money Tips for the New Year

Tweet A new year means fresh possibilities, but your dreams may not come true without smart planning. The following 15 money tips can be rolled out in the coming year,

Consumer Financing

How to Avoid Compulsive Spending This Christmas

Tweet The weather outside is frightful. That’s all the more reason to hit the mall, right? Well, not if you have difficulty controlling your spending. Or perhaps you lack control

Consumer Financing

Loan Terminologies and What They Mean

Tweet If you are shopping for a personal loan, you have a number of options available to you. Not all options are equal and some may cost you plenty in

Money News

What You Need to Know About Money Management

Tweet Tens of millions of Americans are weighed down by debt, with many people insolvent or bankrupt. Living within one’s means is what points to good money management, a skill

Credit Cards

5 Considerations When Applying for a Credit Card

Tweet When shopping for a new credit card, know that your application will receive thorough scrutiny. Don’t be fooled by the 60-second response deals — you will get your answer

Money Management

Better to Build Savings or Pay off Debt

Tweet Have you ever cut a pie into equal pieces with your hands bound together? The idea is absurd when everyone knows one hand is needed to steady the pan

Credit Cards

Bad Credit and Your New Car Lease

Tweet Leasing a new car is an option to financing, with both paths requiring consumers to have the means to get the vehicle. Those “means” include employment as well as