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8 Techniques to Get the Most for Your Used Car

Tweet By Nick Simpson In fact, many people simply take the first offer they get, even if it’s well below their asking price, simply so they can be done with

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Top 10 Ideas for Making a Smooth Transition When Relocating

Tweet By Malisa Loburg Here are 10 ideas for how to make relocating a smooth and seamless transition. 1.  Find the Closest ATM, Grocery Store, Post Office, Gas Station, Restaurants

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9 Ways to Keep Your Electric Bill Under Control

Tweet Hot summer days can take its toll on your energy budget. The first bill after a heat wave can curl your hair faster than humidity, forcing you to scramble

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How to Conserve Gas and Save Money

Tweet With fuel prices rising to record levels across the nation, it’s now more important than ever before to know how to conserve gas and save money at the fuel

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7 Smart Ways to Make Extra Money

Tweet That recession officially ended in June 2009, but a lingering aftermath of bad economic data remains. To make ends meet, people are looking for smart ways to make extra

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Texas, California Rank Best and Worst for Business

Tweet Chief Executive survey measures the business climate across America. Some states, however, make it difficult for businesses to succeed, burdening them with high taxes, onerous regulations or simply making

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It’s a Fake! How to Spot Fake Gold, Silver & Diamonds

Tweet By Alex Levin And as the current financial climate continues to waver and falter, many have become disenchanted with the imaginary value of paper currency and turned to these

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History of Gold as Currency

Tweet By Alex Levin Gold wasn’t always as sought after as it is today. Although gold was first used as jewelry in approximately 4000 B.C., it took more than 2,000

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Smart Considerations When Shopping for Life Insurance

Tweet Life insurance isn’t for everyone and there are different policies available. Read on for some smart tips on shopping and buying life insurance. Determining a need — Not every

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10 Smart and Sensible Ways to Save Money

Tweet Money saving tips for everyone. Read on for 10 smart and sensible ways to save money. 1. Make a shopping list and stick to it — Going grocery shopping

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3 Tourist Driving Scams to Avoid

Tweet By Scott Desind By doing a little bit of research and learning about some of the most common tourist driving scams, you can protect yourself and your bank account.

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How to Document Your Auto Insurance Claim

Tweet Quick thinking and accurate documentation can save you money. You’ve just had an accident with your car. Everybody is okay, but your car took a beating. If your auto