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How Your Investments May Make You Bankrupt

Your Money Isn’t Safe! Avoid investment bankrupt No matter how rich you may think you are, you are just a maximum of five years from bankruptcy. Evidence has shown that


Investment Advising in the Age of Technology

As a financial advisor, you need to learn to use these new technology-based tools to connect with the new generation. Social media is just one of many great ways to

Consumer Tips

6 Ways to Enjoy Fast Internet Services at Low Prices

Like other utility providers, fast internet service providers always want to maximize revenue from customers. However, internet users can do something to avoid this kind of exploitation. You don’t have

Achieving Success

4 Inspirational Figures That Can Teach You Important Lessons About Succeeding in Life

Whilst there will be times when you are going from strength to strength, there will also be times when you are really struggling. When you are finding it hard to

Business Management

4 Tips for Keeping Up With Your Growing Business

If you struggled during the early stages of setting up your organization, you may have thought that this day would never come. However, now you are here, it is important

Social Media

What’s the Impact of Online Reviews on Your Business? Part 1

In the past, housewives would make relative comparisons only according to the brand of the product (brand X is better than brand Y, so the manufacturers say in advertisements). Many

Financial Planning

3 Important Financial Plans Every Newlywed Couple Should Have

Once the honeymoon’s over, it’s time to put all your cards on the table. Communicate your financial goals and be honest and upfront about any debts you may have. Financial


Tax Advantages of a Viatical Settlement

The Viator sells the insurance policy to a licensed viatical settlement company in the resident state for a lump sum cash payment. This payment is used to cater for living

Career Education

What Can You Do with a Master’s in Executive Leadership?

The best part about this degree is that you’ll have a wide range of career opportunities in multiple industries. Whether you wish to work for the government, find a job

Career Planning

Jobs with the Best Career-Building Potential

While success in any field comes from a unique combination of hard work and talent, some jobs offer better rewards and more opportunities to climb the ladder. Let’s see what

Credit Management

Why Having a Good Credit Score is Essential for Your Financial Life

While many people don’t notice it, a good credit score is very significant to anyone’s financial life. Contrary to common belief that you will only need a good credit score

Consumer Tips

How to Sell Your Gold Jewelry to Gold Buyers

For starters, the price of gold is usually hard to rate. Sometimes it is based on supply and demand while other times it will depend on the stocks. That’s why